Before and After - Remodeling in Austin

Thinking of a remodel or addition to your home in the Austin area? Maybe you're considering adding a granny flat or ADU to your property?  Here are lots of before and after photos from projects we've completed.  Hopefully these side by side comparisons inspire you!  Renovations and additions are a fantastic way to stay at your current address but get the dream home you crave.

All 'After' photos courtesy of Spaces & Faces Photography.

What was once just a parking area in the backyard is now a two story Accessory Dwelling Unit above a small garage, storage area, and large deck with fireplace.

The original 1960's kitchen with vinyl flooring and heavy furr downs was knocked out and opened up, even the ceiling was lifted and all new flooring installed throughout the main floor.  A new eat-in island made the kitchen the center of the home instead of a boxed off room.

Standing in almost the exact same spot, 12 months between photos. Yes, that's the same house. Just trimming the trees helped, but a better pool (with no leaks), and the addition of the master and guest suites on the back of the home added lots of living space. 

Standing in the same spot, 18 months between photos. The new stairs in the corner are for the elevated bridge leading to the 1000 square foot addition that houses the master suite and home office.  

The formal living and dining rooms with parquet flooring are still the living and dining areas, but the formality is gone.  So are the pesky walls.

 Outdoor living space becomes OUTDOOR LIVING SPACE.  Plus that super cool elevated bridge connects the existing house to the new addition.

Old, carpeted stairs smack in the middle of the house.  New stairs reside in a kickout into the backyard giving the home more breathing room.

Yep, same house, standing in the same spot.

This historic home got a two story screened porch, new pool, and a spiral staircase to a giant rooftop deck with views of downtown Austin.

Old kitchen on the left, New kitchen on the right.  Same corner, same lines at the ceiling.

Slightly different angle, but same back alley driveway. The old garage/shed is the new addition, modern barn style.

Old balcony on the left, new BETTER balcony on the right.

Can you believe this is the same room?

The old kitchen was stuffed into the front corner of the home. Now that space is the living room and we built the interior rock wall to match the exterior.