We are proud to announce our partnership with Bautex Systems, a Central Texas-based leader in building science. The Bautex block is an innovative building material designed to save on labor costs while providing excellent energy savings and air quality in the finished home. Similar to ICF but easier to use, the Bautex product creates a whisper-quiet interior and allows for less dependency on traditional HVAC. 

Bautex is only getting started in the residential market in Central Texas. Primarily used in homes along the coast because of its wind and moisture resistant qualities, Bautex is beginning a push into the Central Texas residential market. Camelot Custom Homes is happy to be a part of helping Bautex become an option for our Texas clients. We believe this building product can help reduce in-home allergens as well as reduce cooling costs.

These photos are representative of what Bautex can look like in a residential project. You can have any type of interior wall finish including drywall, you can use standard windows and doors, and we can apply any exterior facade you can dream of.


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