The first step is always a phone call. Tell us what you need, and if we can help we'll come meet with you at the site. With a custom home, walking a bare lot helps us explain the costs of building new. We need to see the topography, driveway possibilities, water run-off patterns, potential for a scenic view. With a remodel, walking through the existing home gives us insight into what's possible. We can give you great ideas to add to your own, and we can give you a ballpark on price. So start with a phone call. We'd love to help you visualize your new home.  

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Let's say we get along swimmingly and you want Camelot to help you build. That's great! You won't be sorry, just ask our past clients. In Austin, you'll probably need permits and permits means you'll need formal drawings. Formal drawings means an Architect and we know lots of Architects. We know Architects who design in any style: Traditional, Contemporary, Barndominimum, Modern, Farmhouse, Spanish, Waterfront, French Quarter, English Castle. We have worked with many fantastic Architects over the years, not only can we help you in selecting one we can help during the design process to keep costs down.


Permits, budgets, finishes, assured, you are in good hands. Phase 3 is where Camelot takes your blueprints and makes your vision come to life. We handle all of the details from start to finish. We work with you and the architect every step of the way. Weekly meetings and walk-throughs are important to keep the project on track. We stay on budget and on time -- it's our specialty.